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The server of this website is authenticated by a certificate delivered by Let's Encrypt. Data exchanges are encrypted with the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol.

Data protection

Your personal account mentions your last name, first name and email address. This information is kept confidential. The website never communicates this information to any other service. If the on-line payment system validates your order, this information is recorded as well as the transaction identifier provided by the payment system in a sales log. This log kept for accounting purposes is confidential.

The files you have uploaded from your personal space or which are generated by the service are inaccessible to others.


The session cookie of this website is necessary for its normal operation. Note that cookies from this website are exempt from obtaining consent because strickly necessary to provide a service at the user’s request.


The button newsletter on the home page of the website displays the subscription form of an email address to the newsletter of the website. An email address is kept confidential. A link on this page displays the unsubscription form of an email address to the newsletter of the website. Both actions send a confirmation link by email to the specified address.

The form to place an order offers as an option to subscribe your email address to the newsletter of the website. This option is validated if you confirm the order.

Confirmation of your order
You declare that you have read and accepted the General terms and conditions of sale before you place your order. By confirming your order, you therefore indicate that you accept these General terms and conditions of sale.


The services you order are available as soon as your on-line payment is accepted.


A link on your personal home page lets you display the list of your invoices. Select an invoice and use the Print... function of your browser to print it or save it in PDF format.

Right of withdrawal
Legal period of right of withdrawal

in accordance with the legal provisions in force, you have a period of 14 days starting from the day an order is accepted to exercise your right of withdrawal without giving any reason or paying any penalty.


To express your right of withdrawal, you must send us an email with your identifier displayed on your personal home page and a copy of the invoice attached to your message.


In the case you have exercised your right of withdrawal, the amounts you have paid will be reimbursed at the latest 14 days starting from the date at which you have informed us of your decision and using the same method of payment as that used for the order.


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July 23, 2024